Blind Shadows

by Beyond the Darkness

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The album «Blind Shadows» was the result of a nine-year existence of Minsk metal band «Beyond the Darkness». The album was a long way from conception to the result, it took three years and became the first full-length album. The musicians put maximum of mental and physical strength in their long-awaited brainchild. For the band that has existed for such a decent time was important to issue in the world something really worthy.
The album does not limit itself in a variety of melodies and rhythmic components, often goes far beyond the claimed style death-doom. There is a change of mood; also attention to the atmospheric elements of music can be traced, different types of extreme vocal in combination with “clean” vocal lines are used. A bright woman's party appeared thanks to the guest participation in the recording of the composition «Buio Omega» vocalist Lesia Gonchar («Gain Over», ex- «Mourning Crimson»).
The lyrics touches on philosophical themes, raises key issues and aspects of human existence: love; life and death; if we know ourselves and what we really need; what lead our desires to; what can be considered the reason of existence. The name «Blind Shadows» stresses the paradoxical depths of human ignorance of these the most fundamental topics.
All these make the album truly saturated both musically and in terms of its meaning, and interesting for multiple listening. There is, of course, special atmosphere and style. The album «Blind Shadows» is addressed a thoughtful listener.
The recording took place at the studio of Dmitry Mikulich. Friends of the band – photographer Maria Shtaniuk and designer Yaroslav Khomchanka worked on the design.
Finally the album «Blind Shadows» combined the best works of the last five years of the band and became the result of painstaking work and now the musicians are ready to perform it to wide audience with great pleasure.


released November 24, 2015

Mihail Stefanovich - Extreme vocals
Vadzim Lipnitski - Drums
Anton Evtisov - Guitars
Oleg Pekar - Bass
Anton Levkovich - Guitars

Yury Tarasau - Clean vocals
Alesia Gonchar - Guest vocals on "Buio Omega"

Record, mixing & mastering by Dmitry Mikulich
Artwork & design by Maria Shtaniuk and Yaroslav Khomchanka


all rights reserved



Beyond the Darkness Minsk, Belarus

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Hometown: Минск

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Track Name: Across the Mirror
your problem
is that you don't
know who you are
the world is talking to you

but you can't understand
you are boiling in a pot
of false beliefs
and faulty concepts of life

you are trying to catch
the thruth in bad trips
but you can't find it
can't get the answers

wherever you look
you see just reflections
whatever you know
is a world of illusions

when the mirror falls
you'll face that you are nothing
and whole world is enclosed
in your divine nature

like a shadow with no eyes
you are falling on your way
what you get are only lies
all answers slip away

the Kismet grants you an only role
of a silly puppet in a bad play
the mirror won't release your soul
until you know your name
Track Name: Eros & Thanatos
candles on the table
red wine in the glass
she waits for her pleasure
man's flesh will be hers tonight

doesn't need your money
doesn't need your love

they go to her bedroom
falling on the sheets
when the night is over
she will take man's breath

doesn't need your money
doesn't need your love
only wants your body
makes you lose control
Track Name: Empty Church
empty church
is standing alone
among the trees

rusty bells
have been keeping silence
for many years

broken walls
are not covering

burnt icons
are no more singing
the names of saints

once here a stranger came
with a blind despair
to find shelter from the storm

he saw obscure shadows inside
they continued to serve
the occult mass after death

he turned around
but couldn't leave
there was no way out

empty church
-the unbeliever
empty church
-the house of daemons
empty church
-eternal prison for fallen souls
Track Name: Avid Hunger
I wanna be kind just like you
but I feel nothing
I wanna laugh just like you
but I feel nothing
I wanna be calm just like you
but I feel nothing
I wanna be happy just like you
but I feel nothing

I wanna be sad just like you
but I feel nothing
I wanna be scared just like you
but I feel nothing
I wanna cry just like you
but I feel nothing
I wanna suffer just like you
but I feel nothing

I'm empty inside
and you can't deny
existence in lie
is ruining your life

so try to escape
and don't look behind
when the dark part of me
will become free

my prey is in dead-end
there will be no redemption
my demons are going outside
their hunger has no mercy

loud voices in my head
are finally falling silent
my emotions are coming to life
the void will be filled now
Track Name: Witchlover
hair as darkness black
emerald eyes are burning
she is floating on the coals
and performing craft under the moon

the charming scarlet lips
are bringing a gift of flesh
to the spirits of Earth and Heaven
and fire spreads the heat

with wild horde of wolves
she is dancing around the bonfire
there are no friends and enemies
she is the sister of all beasts

I beg her to take me
and show the unearthly path
the way home is forgotten
and people become strangers

bloodlust is what I'm obsessed with
we are rushihg through the forest
I'm not the saint anymore
and the cross is falling from my chest

it's hard to understand
what laws we do live by
no one can catch us
we will protect each other
Track Name: Buio Omega
will you love me
until death do us part ?

will you stand by me
until death do us part ?

can you promise
that you'll be forever mine
in good times and in bad
in sickness and in health

rise at night
wake up in darkness
you are so far from me
six feet underground
but I'll find
the way to be together

your body is cold
your dress is white
the sacred rite
will bond us tonight

soon you will lose your mind
and you will stay alone
the story of your life
will not continue long

society will not
forgive your happiness
eternity of love
they will destroy in flames

people say that you are in Heaven
I believe that you will always
stay with me and we will prove that
death of bride will not stop our love
Track Name: Swear
she always dreamed
to find eternal love.
she promised ancient gods
to sacrifice them what they ask

you are the one
who makes me laugh forever
you are the one
who makes me happy forever
I am the one
who will be close forever
I am the one
who will not let you die

the dream was realized
one day she woke up tied
her friend's face was behind the mask
he said that pain will never end

be sure in your desires
cause sometimes
they can become alive
Track Name: Night Stalkers
night is falling on the city
my brothers are rising
among the sleeping people
we are searching for somebody
to perfom the rite

chorus I:
flapping wings in silence
are spreading terror
flitting above the roofs
to find a new victim
hunting for bad dreams
to swallow the life power
immortal butterflies
are stalking in the twilight

chorus II:
I will protect you
from endless nightmares
till you wake up
till the evil is gone

stop hiding
you are in safety
beyond the darkness
now you're not alone

this is a law of stone jungle
only those who're sly will survive
insomnia syndrome is a divine gift
there is no escape from terryfying dreams
Track Name: Fear's Face
on my couch
I can't move
my eyes are opened
in the dark
I can hear
strange figures' breath

chorus I:
but in the morning
the sun is shining
promising new life
just give me your hand
and I will follow
everywhere you go

and again
they come back
to continue the torture
fight will be lost
if my soul
asks for mercy

chorus II:
when you're lost in despair
try to keep laughing
then the face of your fear
will never bite you
Track Name: Payback
when your end
is fucking near
then you will
remember me

when the scythe
flashes behind
you'll look at me
and you will say

eat my flesh
drink my blood
stab my heart
leave my soul alone
crush my bones
burn my skin
rip off my face
leave my soul alone

when the noose
binds your neck
and brings you

bow your knees
before the fate
and with hope
say your prayers

when the time comes
you lose everything you have
no matter who you are
it only matters what you've done
Track Name: Wheel of Life
the child starts his life
trapped in the labyrinth
of pain and suffering without exit

like a snail on broken glass
he is moving forward
knocking on the same door but noone answers him

when the circle's closed
the oldman finds himself at the beginning
but the time is over

the wheel of life holds both deamons and gods
until you cross the verge of dakness and light
you'll be born again

one keeps his hope
for the better life
he runs through a tunnel with no light

we all make the same mistakes
we make the useless steps
to knowing that motion is an illusion

no matter how hard we try
the Karma follows us
in each of the infinite worlds of Samsara

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